Each class is 30 minutes long, and includes a warm up, workout, and stretching component. The workout component consists of a circuit of 5-10 exercises, which switch every session so that the body is always challenged and never reaches a plateau. We use many different styles of training and equipment to keep things interesting.


1.) What happens in a HIIT Fitness class?

Not at all! For each exercise, we give different levels of difficulty so that everyone can work at a level they are comfortable with,and eventually challenge themselves by progressing to the more difficult levels.

2.) I'm relatively new to fitness, will these classes be too hard for me?
3.) The classes are so short, are they really a good enough workout?

Yes! Although they are short in duration, you will burn more calories with the half hour class, then you would in many hour long "aerobic" classes. Why? Studies have proven that with high intesity intermittent exercises, more calories and fat are burned following the workout (up to 36 hours).


4.) Why do the classes use primarily bodyweight exercises? Will that be intense enough?

Yes! Your own bodyweight is (in most difficult levels) heavier than any weight you would lift. Most weight training exercises isolate only certain muscles, whereas bodyweight exercises incorporate many at once. For an exercise to be functional, it is best that it mimic the event being trained for as closely as possible. For example, in most cases we are training for everyday life, in which we carry around our own bodyweight. So what better exercise could have functional value than that of lifting our own bodyweight. Using bodyweight also leads to building longer, leaner, more natural looking toned muscle tissue. However, we also use equipment such as sandbags, resistance bands, medicine balls, etc for added intensity. 


5.) Are these classes for both men and women?

YES! A common myth is that women must work out differently than men, and this is just that, a myth. There is no reason to train differently based on your sex, as both sexes gain and lose muscle and fat the same way. Another misconception, is that women will get bulky from doing weight bearing exercises, this is virtually impossible. What is more likely to happen, is that they will tone up and lose fat all over because they are increasing their overall lean muscle mass, and building and maintaining muscle alone, is the most effective way to burn fat and calories.


6.) What do I need to bring?

We require you to bring your own yoga mat for floor exercises, a pair of indoor running shoes (no outdoor shoes allowed please), a towel, some water and of course a positive attitude and energy!!