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On-Site Corporate Class Pricing

Don't have time to make it to the gym? With our corporate sessions we bring the gym to you, right in your workplace! These classes can take place in an on-site gym facility, a boardroom, training room, or any other empty space. The benefits are obvious - improved health, alertness, and general well being of your staff, resulting in a reduction in the number of injuries, WCB claims, and sick days. In effect, a fitness program will help your employees become a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.  

Check out the benefits of HIIT for your employees

Reduce employee sick days

Reduce stress and depression

Improved Productivity

Enhance emotional wellbeing

A great team building activity

Improved sleeping patterns which equals

higher energy levels

Corporate Onsite Pricing




your first class

Please note: Pricing above is for HIIT classes 30 minutes in length.
Classes 45 min in length or longer have a base rate of $150/class. 
Yoga classes have a base rate of $150/class.

*Prices shown are per class.

*Prices shown do not include GST.

*GST will be added to each invoice.

*classes are 30min in length.

*Please call in advance to book sessions.

*Classes must be cancelled 1 week prior to the class booking date. Cancellation after this time period will result in a $50 cancellation penalty.

* For classes with more than 18 people, please email or call for pricing.

HIIT Fitness has provided sweat sessions for the following clients:

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