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Arm Workouts

Short workouts to keep your pipes in tip top shape

HIIT Arms & Abs Workout 

HIIT this quick but efficient arms and abs workout to shred and sculpt.

Perform each move for 50 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds between each.

Repeat entire circuit 2-3 times.

HIIT Shoulder Blaster Combo

A combo of overhead presses and pushups to take your shoulders to the max!


Perform each move for 50 sec, no rest in between. Repeat circuit 3 times. Or you can opt for the countdown method of starting at 10 of each, working your way down to 1 (so 10 overhead press/10 pushups....then 9...then 8...etc).


Note: Weights can be used instead of a resistance band. 

HIIT Full Body Blaster 

HIIT your whole body (especially your arms) with this short but sweet routine.

Perform each move for 50sec with a 20 second rest between.

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